Community & Sponsorships

It is important to us that we have an active role in our community, the very community who passionately support our brands and enjoy our goodies!

Our Community Engagement Program includes significant ongoing support for charitable organisations, community and sporting clubs, local events and many other worthy causes. Last year Menz supported directly and indirectly over 220 community initiatives where our support has assisted those organisations raise valuable funds to help their cause.

To ensure that we can assess your proposal as fast as possible it is essential that you addresses the criteria indicated below:

- Brief description of your organisation
- Summary of the event (if applicable)
- Date and location
- Number of attendants/expected attendants
- Which product/s you would like
- How the donation will be used
- Date required
- Other sponsors
- Contact Person (Name, address, phone, email)

Please send all Sponsorship and Donation requests via email to

Given the size of the company, we receive an overwhelming number of requests for sponsorships and product donations, unfortunately, far more than we can possibly provide. Please allow up to 6 weeks for your proposal to be assessed and a response will be sent to you once it has been evaluated.

We love being a proud supporter of all sorts of great South Aussie community groups, organisations and sporting teams as well. We do our best to support as many events and causes as we can, and some of the more high profile ones are listed here:

Mr FruChoc

We love being a part of our local community! Mr FruChoc is always keep to get out and about, meet as many people as possible at all sorts of events. He’s never short of energy and will pop up in all sorts of places, and if you’re really lucky, you might get more than a high five when he’s feeling generous and handing out free FruChocs!

As a member of the FruChocs Appreciation Society, I hereby solemnly pledge to enjoy the amazing taste of FruChocs at every opportunity: at the movies, the footy, a BBQ with friends or even just a sneaky few on the couch at home. I promise to spread the word of their deliciousness and never stray far from the path of chocolatey coated goodness.

We take a great deal of pride in how many people appreciate the delicious taste of Menz FruChocs, so we thought its only fair we show our appreciation in return by offering you some great specials and rewards when you become an official member of the FruChocs Appreciation Society.

- $5 voucher upon joining (offer not valid with any other offers or discounts)
- 10% off any purchase (offer not valid with any other offers or discounts)
- $10 Birthday Voucher
- Access to FruChocs Appreciation Society exclusive offers


Kids Hub

Looking for something to keep the kids busy? Well you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got some super fun activities to keep them occupied while you do whatever it is you need to do. Even if that’s sit back, relax and enjoy a cheeky little treat.

Colouring In

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Fun Facts

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Children's University

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